Flanged Plug Valves manufactured by our company are from high quality cast iron and cast carbon steel. Plug Valves are 90 degree action from open to close, protected seats, positive shut off, simple in line maintenance, minimum flow resistance, simple construction, and finally, rugged construction ensuring long life. Plug valves can be operated manually by wrench, Hand wheel through gear box, or quarter-turn actuator driven pneumatically or electrically. Our company is renowned as one amidst the reliable Plug Valves Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Plug Valve in Jacketed Design, Trunion Mounted Design, Teflon Lined and Multi Port Designs with Pneumatic Actuator, Electrical Actuator and Pneumatic Cylinder operated along with extra accessories like Manual Gear, Solenoid and Limit Switches etc.

  • Plug - heavy-duty fully rubber encapsulated
  • Welded nickel seat - robotically welded 1/8in thick
  • Grit-Guard shaft seals - prevents bearing wear and shaft seizing
  • V-type packing - self adjusting and replaceable while under pressure
  • Stainless steel radial upper and lower bearings - permanently lubricated for extended life
  • Upper and lower thrust bearings - to assure plug centering
  • Packing overload protection (Pop) Shims - ease of adjustment, extends packing life
  • Full access cover - allows inline maintenance

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